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Photo: Gaildorf, Germany  GE Wind Tall Tower & pumped hydro storage

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Tall Wind Towers......

Wind turbines generate ~3x more energy at tall hub heights of 140 meters or more and produce lower cost energy in the process.  When you add the gains from a new generator, an existing wind site can produce as much s 9x more power on a taller tower.  New wind farms and repowering of existing wind farms are reaping gains from installation of taller towers.  Texas Wind Tower is delivering the tall tower technology to make this happen.

With taller towers, the entire U.S. can generate electricity from wind...

When you run generators at 140+ meter hub heights, most of the U.S. land area becomes productive for wind energy, increasing the viability of wind as a base load power source.  At present, we only marginally utilize our land area for generating potential.  Texas Wind Tower is helping wind energy deliver its energy security potential to the U.S. 

Adding energy storage gets to baseload power...

When you add energy storage into the wind energy installation, you now have renewable energy baseload power supply.  Texas Wind Tower is integrating energy storage into wind energy production.


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